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The Imec Engineering deals with the design, implementation and installation of equipment on the tube (machining, finishing and handling) and the secondary packaging (cardboard from forming American and / or tray to palletising.)
IMEC engineering plants thrive on the innovative nature the solutions adopted, creating a mixing desks in productivity and flexibility. The company, through its ability to offer systems complete, and willing to act as a reliable and innovative partner ensuring the customer the best solution for their needs production. This strategy has enabled IMEC, in a relatively short period,to grow into a solid presence in the world and to offer products that are always ahead of trends market and low cost.

The relationship with the customer goes beyond the sale and installation plant. With experience and attention to customer the After Sales Imec can help in solving any question relating to machinery and / or lines, as well as to assist ordinary maintenance.

The objective of Imec Engineering S.r.l. is to combine the energy of a young team with experience and know-how of technicians and engineers specialize in building machines to offer personalized and comprehensive answers to excellent quality.

Over a decade of business, from the 2010, Imec stared a partnership with Tomasoni Meccanica. Due to it the business has improved, in fact, Tomasoni Meccanica represents a very important processing and machining contractor that started as a small company in early 1980 by the will of its founder, Pietro Tomasoni.

The company is set on an area of 20,000 square meters in which 11,000 square meters are covered and equipped with lifting cranes with capacity up to 50 tons and a remarkable variety ofmachineries with large working range of use giving the offer of an extremely articulate and flexiblemanufacturing facility supported by qualified and skilled personnel, capable of mechanical andstructural work with varied shapes and sizes for any productive sector: steel, extrusion machines, printing and labeling machines, hygiene machineries, working wood and nailing machineries, cardboard machines, textile sector and little experience in the marine industry. Tomasoni Meccanica can offer installation, painting and manufacture of hydraulic powerplants and electrical systems and can also provide transportation up to 18 tons.Through the help of external partners the company can offer the service of gearing, heat andsurface treatment.

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