Strategic lines
A world with You.

Our engineering department can assist the Customer in analysing and solving end of line problems, identifying and designing better solutions.

Customer’s needs are analysed in detail, with great attention to the features of the product, in order to select the most suitable solutions and to achieve the best machine’s configuration.
Imec Engineering’s strategy is a continuous improvement and innovation to respond to the market request with new advanced and competitive solutions in ensuring the customer:
• high performances and efficiency
• reduced management costs
• reliability
Imec Engineering’s Customer Service is structured to offer:
• assistance with skilled technical to customer service staff, in commissioning and overhauling our machines
• programmed maintenance
• quick management of emergencies
• fast delivery of spare parts
• complete and accurate user’s manuals
• Technical training
The key of our success is the great attention to “human resources”.
In order to increase the skills and the competences of our staff, we periodically promote technical and management trainings. Thanks to this continuous improvement, our Customers find a good answer for every question.