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Compact line that loads, cuts, brush, cleans & palletizes tubes of various sizes and lengths, with cycles of productivity according to customer needs. Designed in collaboration with an 'important multinational company, it represents today an innovative solution in the steel industry Examplle of Product to be handled: Alloy: Stainless Steel OD: min 25 max 101mm WT: min 1 mm max 3 mm LT bundle : min 6000mm max 12000mm LT tube cut: min 800mm max 4000mm Maximum admitted straightness tolerance: 1 mm/m Ovality: to be defined and confirmed by Imec Speed: 4000 units/hour
The individual machines that make up the line can be changed according to customer requirements:

  1. - Inlet loading rack and feeding The chute vice is built by a painted monocoque steel and motorized, it works with belts to hold the bundle, has a sensor to control the stage of the several belts until it is empty. All surface might be in contact with the bars will be covered by plastic covers or similar to avoid scratches. On the bottom side of the loading table there are several adjustable product stops motorized by an unique electric motor that has a duty to move them, back and forth, according the tube dimension. The bench to organize the tubes is composed by painted monocoque steel which on it a chain o belts slides, held by side-guides system to transfer the tubes sideward, the automatism is powered by a gearbox connect by a chain o belts, On the top to order the tubes there are several system to prevent jams and help the bars to flow down easily. The eccentric system is made of a shaft where is plugged n6 eccentric cams. Beside it the feeder takes place and it is composed by a selectors that pick the single tube from the preview stage and place it straight into the next stage. The maximum weight allow on this item is 6000kg to allow at least 3 bundles. The only manual adjustment allow is the tube stops by a numerical wheel.

  2. - Multi_heads cutting machine mod IMC 7 The frame is made by monoscoque painted steel frame where among it there are n7 identical cutting head structures link together by slide guides and a long rack to allow the movement sideways onto a position automatically set by production request.
    Each cutting head is independent and it has n3 axis controlled: the first one has an encoder to drive the head on the right spot, the other two are brushless motor and they are used to control the different speeds blade and cutting stroke.
    Each clamp unit has two hydraulic cylinders to open or closed the side clamp independently against the fix side to allow the loading and unloading the tube. Parallel the head there are walking beam to lift the tube or two tubes each time, in and out.
    Under the cutting heads holding system there is a belt conveyors to evacuate the metal chips create during the process. A unique design will be integrated on the machine outlet to manage the pieces cut toward the deburring station.
    Such system will use the cochlear units to allow the tubes to cross-transfer mine while moved sideways to present each tube section on the optimize way before the deburring process.

  3. - Dedurring machine mod.EFB
    The frame is made by monoscoque painted steel frame where among it there are n 2 identical bedurring units onto side guides and a long rack, similar to the multi cutting station, to allow the movement sideways onto a certain position set automatically by the PLC and leave the operator adjust manually by numerical wheel, the single unit high according the tube dimension. Each deburring unit is independent and it is composed by a main trolley where there is a principal electric motor with the transmission to drive the 800mm brushing wheel together with the four columns to adjust manually the right height for the different tube sizes.
    One units is in a fix position and the other one is moving to the length needed. Between this two stations there are two chain supports motorized that they cross transfer the tube from the previous step to the next one trough the deburring units.
    In this operation the tube during its movement will rotate and let all brushing wheel with metal wires clean the tube edge.
    To increase the tooling lifetime before the deburring it will be located a air nozzle to blow compressed air, coming from the Clients supply, straight to the tube to clean it and from the other side and extra tank will be connected to the deburring head to collect metal chips.
    Dust section unit with all piping will be connected to both debburing unit to filter and clean the air contained with double stage filtering with a 99,5% filtering performance.
    Between the debburing machine and the washing machine it will be installed a tube accumulation bed with product stops adjustable manually.

  4. - Washing Machine mod. RL 400
    The frame is made by monoscoque steel 1.4301 of 2-3 mm thick sheet steel. The deepest point of the inclined floor has been provided with a drainage means. The system is also equipped with two cleaning flaps.
    The cleaning agent is heated by an electrical, direct heater consisting of replaceable immersion heating elements that are automatically controlled. The heating zone is insulated. The encasement is made of galvanized sheet stell. The float switch monitors and displays the level of the cleaning agent. After manual introduction, the liquid losses (water) are automatically refilled by solenoid valve.
    The transport of the components to be cleaned (pipe sections) occurs via segment drum, driven by a gear unit with servo motor control attached to the side.
    To clean and remove the chips from the tube sections to be washed, an attached submersible pump pumps the warmed cleaning agent into the several drum segments. The pressure side of the pump has been mounted with the corresponding ball valves which are used to manually adjust the overall delivery rate depending on the components to be washed.
    The draining liquid returns to the substructure tank after passing through a coarse filter cage where most of the coarse contaminants are collected. The attached prism pulser with resistant plastic rails transports the pipes through the drying zone.
    They are dried off as much as possible using a recirculating air blow out drying facility. The heating and air performance can be controlled. The system is equipped with an exhaust facility including low-pressure ventilator.
    An external oil separator is attached and discharges the floating, non-emulsified oils in bypass mode to a great extent. Process water with aqueous cleaner (pH7-11), non foaming, max concentration 5%, max temperature +70 C. A micro-filter oil filtering with circulation pump in by-pass mode as depth filter made in steel 1.4301 with manometer, exhaust, viton cover seal, small centrifugal pump and cotton filter candles.

  5. - Packaging unit Mod. IPALL
    The system is created by several item as described under: Tube loading and tube accumulation system after your measure tube cutting machine.
    The system is composed by a steel slanting structure in order to slide the tube toward a fixed stop to allow the tube pattern suction following the palletizing scheme chosen by the operator at working start stage. This scheme is suitable for tube holding and accumulation for all the tube dimensions (see product to be handled) and it is furnished of a jogger (only if necessary) at the end stop of the tube accumulation in order to allow a correct draw of more tube contemporarily.
    Portal palletizing robot with five axes.
    The Robot included in this offer is composed by a portal structure over where three translation systems managed by brushless drive units are installed that allow the draw of the pattern of tubes composed before in the accumulation system at the exits of your measure tube cutting machine This system is suitable for a maximum charge for each suction cup up to 40/50 kg in order to guarantee the expected average performances of 8-10/min circles for both inline deposit stations.
    The robot works with the reclined suction cup as the unloading bench and the product deposit vices, moreover is composed by a suction cup orthogonal inclination system. The operational system installed is easy to be used and it allows the codification in pages of different products and palletizing schemes, so it is easy, once are codified the products and the schemes, for an operator to select related to the work type and the robot will automatically set itself. (In this automation is not included the the suction cup that will be done manually).
    Structure made of painted stainless. Electric axes X,Y and Z movement motioned by brushless drive unit, respectively, longitudinal, transversal and vertical. Suction cup rotation powered by brushless drive unit. Suction cup inclination system. Exhaust circuit managed by single pumps over the suction cup legs. Metal net protections with entry door in the back side. Including micro security.
    The suction cup quoted in this offer is made of a supports containing suction cups for tube as your request.
    The variability of the intake depending on the tube diameter to be handled shall be adjusted manually by the operator before production start by sliding the suction cups supports over guides assembled on the suction cup itself. The supports behind shall be substituted in relation to the size to be produced, each suction cup has a valve that allow to close it when it is not used. Deposit and centring system over the boxes you supply.
    Inside the working area will be identified two zones over which will be installed two reclined platforms toward two directions (to guarantee that the round tubes to be palletizing have a datum point) over which will be assembled two references for cases positioning for box forming.

  6. - Pallet and cradle discharge shuttles formed by the palletizing system:
    The system is composed by a reclined steel structure that is reclined in two different directions in order to slide the tubes towards a fixed part. This structure, in the lower part of it, has a motorization with fixed speed that manage two of the four rollers of the shuttle.
    The system includes two rollers to be fixed on the ground in order to allow the transportation of the cradles for more or less three meters stroke outside the palletizing zone.
    On both mobile platform there are two areas to pack square or rectangular bundle shape and on the other side hexagonal bundle.

  • - Optional:
  • IMC 7 chips belt conveyor
    IMC 7 outlet tube cochlear conveyor
    HMI operator interface
    IMC 7 remote internet control service
    Complete sawblade set and clamps
    EFBU air cleaning for tube preparation inlet
    EFBU dust section unit
    EFBU air cleaning for tube measuring
    EFBU Brushing Wheel
    RL 400 Oil filtering for emulsion
    IPALL table bed
    IPALL HMI operator interface - Included
    IPALL product clamping system "vacum or magnetic"
    Line protection fences with gates and laser mooting