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STC is the transport system for the soft accumulation used by the largest companies around the world : thanks to its extreme simplicity & versatility. With its system of handling storage, allows you to build applications for transport and accumulation of any type of product.

The principle of operation of the conveyor STC is based on the use of idler rollers inserted in special support for rollers . On each shaft support is fixed (by pressure), in one or both ends', a special pulley for the transmission of the motion. The connection between the pulley and the shaft of the main towing allow the transmission : belts takes place independent each other. Due to the rotation of the main shaft, the surface of idle rollers puts in motion the products deposited on it.

If the product were to accumulate, the rollers would stop, minimizing the thrust force exerted on the products.

With this simple conveyor some problems such as damage of the product or continuous production shutdowns due to micro-interruptions are minimized.

The advantages:

  • Stop Line: in case of stop line, the weight prevents the roller to rotate on its axis, thus avoiding damage to the product and the production line of work does not stop. The conveyed product accumulates without damage. In addition, also has the advantage of a very low noise level.

  • Various types of products treated: STC can transmit various objects:foods, soft drink, electronic components, cosmetics are only some example :

    Mechanical aluminum trays, plastic and cardboard packaging (wine, milk, etc.)
    Packaging System packaging with dedicate printing system Electronic
    Publishing, bookbinding and Graphics Plastic or glass bottles Assembling lines
    Spray cans Testing lines
    Pharmaceutics cans (soft drinks, canned food, etc.)
    Cigarettes & Tobacco ins (meat, tuna, etc.) display
    cartons and packaging
  • Integration 100%: transporters STC are perfectly interfaced with traditional carriers. STC ensures optimal power for packaging machines, so it is the natural completion of robotic automation.

  • Versatile: STC allows to handle several kind of product dimensions by using standard roller, roller larger or smaller with different "step". In addition to size, the rollers also can be made in different type of material: AMDE white, black, polyurethane, PVC, stainless steel or Derlin.

  • Resistant: STC is constructed of stainless steel or aluminum. Thanks to the particular design of the conveyor belt, each unit is capable of handling speed and heavy loads.

  • Speed Flexible: delivered products can easily switch from one line to another, collect, be separated individually, increase or decrease speed, depending on production needs. STC can reach a speed of 35 m / min.

  • Safe: unlike traditional transport systems, STC doesn’t concentrate high forces in defined points but distributes the force transmitted from a main to each individual shaft, thanks to the transmission belts. The rollers, placed on shafts, definitely make sure this transporter, eliminating all forms of danger.

  • Maintenance: the components used (belts, bushings, media) are predominantly made of plastic material. It 's not necessary any lubrication of the parts. Under normal conditions of use, STC does not require special maintenance.

  • Sanitation: transporters STC are easily washable with standard procedures. The openings between the rollers and the mounting promote the elimination of foreign substances.

  • Reliability: power transmission takes place through individual posts moved by independent belts. If some break, the carrier can continue to work, the same for the transport of the products, you do have significant effects. Maintenance operations can then be programmed without forced interruptions.

  • Modularity: Slip Torque conveyors are available in different versions and standard sizes.

The driven chain in the accumulation STC HD (Heavy Duty) is designed to be used in the most demanding applications, such as transport systems for paper and bottling industries and special fuel systems for cars packaging and offers greater reliability for those applications where the belt drive standard is not recommended.



By applying this system to a wide range of accessories available, you can create countless applications for transport, the 'storage, positioning and handling of products in general. STC HD is TODAY ULTRA SANITAZIER with all its conveyor removable and washable!

Cod. IMEC Engineering Cod.IMEC Packaging Photos example Description Avaiability
IT12180001 T513-2020 Plastic Sprocket
p=8 z=10
Normally on stock
IT12180002 T204-0180 Roller with 2 diameters
d. 20/18,3mm black
Normally on stock
IT12180003 T2013-0030 Central T Support
Ending Productions
IT12180004 T204-0170 Roller with 2 diameters
d. 20/17,5 mm black
Normally on stock
IT12180005 T205-0010 Pulley ST Standard
Normally on stock
IT12180006 T204-0020 Black solid roller
d. 17
Normally on stock
IT12180007 T204-0050 Black hollow roller
Normally on stock
IT12180008 T201-0020 Bush ST grey Normally on stock
IT12180009 T212-0010 Bushing support
Normally on stock
IT12180010 T211-0010 Jump belt
125x5-5-32" - 83A
Normally on stock
IT12180011 T211-0010 Standard belt ST
125 x 10-3/8" 83A
Normally on stock
IT12180012 T204-0060 White solid roller
Normally on stock
IT12180013 Black solid roller
Normally on stock
IT12180014 T204-0010 White solid roller
Normally on stock
IT12180015 T204-0080 Black rubber roller
Normally on stock
IT12180016 Spacer STC HD (old) Normally on stock
IT12180017 T212-0020 ST belt minipitch
125x4-1/8" -83A
Normally on stock
IT12180018 T204-1010 Spacer EZ Normally on stock
IT12180019 T204-0100 Black hollow roller
Normally on stock
IT12180020 T202-0010 Bushing support
L=166 mm
Normally on stock
IT12180021 T203-0010 Central T Support minipitch
Normally on stock
IT12180022 T203-0020 Central T Support
L=250mm black
Normally on stock
IT12180023td> T203-0040 Central T Support
504mm brown
No more avaiable
IT12180024 T212-0020 Extended belt ST
125 x 11-13/16 - 83A
Ending Production
IT12180028 T518-0130 Exagonal hollow
Ending Production
IT12180029 T518-0120 White hollow roller
Ending Production
IM02130001 Derlin rolls Tot.
L 190 mm
10 Working Days from Order
IM02130002 Shaft mod.200
10 Working Days from Order
IM02130003 Shaft mod.200 with
10 Working Days from Order
IM02130009 Inox Tube mod.200 10 Working Days from Order
IM02130010 Derlin Tube mod. 340 10 Working Days from Order
IM02130012 Ending shaft mod.
200 with pulley
10 Working Days from Order
IM02130016 Derlin Rolls Tot
157 mm
10 Working Days from Order
IM02130019 U514-4200 Inox ST Tube 10 Working Days from Order
IM02130021 Derlin Roller kit L200 10 Working Days from Order
IM33120022 Assembled loose wheel
motor zone
10 Working Days from Order
IM33120024 Assembled loose wheel
head zone
10 Working Days from Order
IM33120023 Assembled chain tensioner 10 Working Days from Order
IT0908XXXX Flange contact aftersales
IT0908XXXX Reduction gear contact aftersales
IT1601XXXX Motor contact aftersales
IT09016XXXX Chain contact aftersales
IT0924XXXX Belt HD contact aftersales

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