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Magic Net is the modular chain conveyor for rectilinear, curvilinear and inclined systems. Magic Net is designed for applications in the food industry where conveyors need to be frequently washed. Both the chain surface and the frame are easily washable throught the mean of some holes on the sides of the conveyor. The special processing of stainless steel does not enable dirt to hide in the joint zone of the different components; as a result the frame of Magic Net is particularly secure against exsternal agents. In order to guarantee the washing down of Magic Net all the details are realized in plastic material or stainless steel. Besides, the plastic frame makes this conveyor extremely noiseless and safe.
Widht: 140 mm a 457 mm (other width on request) Chain: white polypropylene or white acetal for high speed Frame: plastic material with holes for easy washing; Transfer rollers diameter: 65 mm Max speed: 30 mt/min with polypropylene chain; 60 mt/min with acetal chain; Minimal bending medium radius: 2,7 times chain width (2,2 for special applications) Guide rails: stainless steel
Adjustable guide rails Chain with rubber inserts Pneumatic stops Pushers