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This kind of system have been designed in order to solve space problems, in all the cases where it is required to bring the products from a level of the factory to another one. IMECís elevators are offered in stainless steel or painted steel, therefore they are suitable both for packaged and non packaged product, also coming off refrigerating spirals. The numbers of shelves and their shape change according to the kind of product to be conveyed.
The are elevators with small dimension, usually suitable for conveying naked product. This kind of conveyors are made in stainless steel and, in some applications, they are provided with guards in order to avoid the contact of the product with external agents. The use of the modular chain rather than the use of the flights belt depends on the kind of products to be handled. If required IMEC can also supply wash down elevators.
In order to avoid the product stop in case of problems at the end of line and to optimize the format change, IMEC proposes vertical and horizontal buffers. Depending on the production requirements, we are study systems with FIFO or LIFO logics.