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Minipal is the palletising system offered by Imec Group to all those companies that need to enclose the end line activities within a limited area. The machine is made up of cartesian centrepiece system made up of three linear axes and a circular axe for product rotation. This structure has the advantage to have considerably smaller overall dimension than the traditional cartesian portal palletisers and allows perfomances improvement. The cartons picking can be made by grippers or suction cups, depending on the product to be palletised. Minipal can be employed with more pallets and different feeding lines contemporarely, so it can be used for different applications. The standard system is made up of a single feeding conveyor, while the mply pallets positioning and the removal of the filled one is made by an operator. it is possible to increase the machine productivity by providing a completely automatic pallet feeding and removal system that includes a pallet magazine for about 10 pieces by reducing load and discharge dead times.
The number of the bays is customizable, depending on customers’ need. Speed: Max. 13 cycles/min for the single bay system. Max. box dimensions: up to 600×600x600h mm Max. box weight: 30 kg Max. pallet height: 1800 -2400-3000 mm
Automatic system for layer pads picking and placing automatic system for empty pallests picking Insertion of catenaries or roller conveyors for empty or full pallets