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Flexicaser is a compact case packing system that comprises the entire cycle of production of an “American type” carton. It was designed with the intention of keeping small overall dimensions since the phases of carton opening/filing/closing are carried out inside the same machine. For the correct product feeding and the pattern preparation are normally employed STD or MAgic Net conveyors. The picking system may be equipped with suction cups or grippers depending on the product to be handled. The case sealing may be done with tape or hotmelt. The frame of the of the machine can be in painted or stainless steel and lexan, with features similar to Flexipack.
Min. carton dimension: 150×200x75h mm Max. carton dimension: 500×600x600h mm Case former speed: up to 10 cycles/min Pick and place speed: up to 15 cycle/min Overall dimension of the machine: 4800 X 2300 x 2100h mm
- Cardboard divider insertion - Flaps opening device - Pince rotation for orthogonal insertion