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Flexitray is an integrated tray forming and filing system that was studied with the aim to have a machine with overall small footprint even maintaining performance flexibility. Inside the same frame are positioned the flat blank magazine, the tray forming plungers by hotmelt glue and the pick and place for filing of trays just formed. The flat blank magazine is endowed with adjustments to handle trays of different sizes and in the same way it is possible to quip the machine with more forming tools to allow format change. The pick and place system is driven by servo motors and can be equipped with suction cups or grippers suitable for the product to be handled. In the case of tray with lid, at the exit of the Flexitray can be installed devices for sealing by hotmelt glue or adhesive tape. Flexitray is available with a frame made up of stainless steel or painted steel.
Min. tray dimension: 80150xh20 mm Max. tray dimension: 300400xh220 mm Tray forming speed: up to 30 cycles/min Pick and place speed: up to 25 cycles/min
Layer pad insertion Flaps opening device Plate rotation for orthogonal insertion