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Flexipack is the “pick and place” case packing system designed for the companies producing different formats that need a simple and flexible machine. Available with stainless steel or powder coated frame, Flexipack can be easily adjusteda to the product features and the production requirements.The products pick up system can be equipped with suction cups or grippers and it is designed according to the product. Flexipack exploits the flexibility and solidity features of IMEC conveying system. For the product feeding it can be fitted modular chain conveyors ( such as TCMI or Magic Net) or an STC roller conveyor. The chois is evaluated case by case, depending on the features of the product to be handled. Another STC conveyor allows for the accumulation of the cartons before and after the filing phase. Besides, the pneumatic devices fitted on the conveyor allows for the correct positioning of the carton for the filing phase. On the same machine it is possible to handle products with different dimension and weight, and cartons with different size. The format change requires just two simple and quick operations: - Replacement of the product picking plate (this operation is very simple since there are no pipes inside the plate itself); - Choice of the new size on the control panel.
Product suitable to be handled on Flexipack: thermoformed or heatsealed tray, plastic bottles, carton cases, flacons, pack, etc. Picking system: with suction cups or grippers (depending on the product) Speed: max 25 cycle/min Overall dimension of the machine: 1600×1600x2100h mm
Cardboard divider insertion Flaps opening device Pince rotation for orthogonal insertion Feeding system with pockets